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Kingsmen Services has the equipment and trained professional crews ready to take on your large commercial brush hog or land clearing project.  From commercial properties to large private residential properties, we can handle your needs.

Municipal - County - City Mowing Contracts

We are the top choice when a local city, county, municipality, or other governmental agency needs their public roadsides, vacant properties or lots, or city owned land to be maintained and mowed, but does not have the necessary equipment or manpower to handle these jobs.  If you are searching for a municipal contract for your area, please contact Kingsmen Services today.

Low Impact Equipment Capabilities

If you have land or an area that requires 'low impact' or minimal damage to existing turf, land, or asphalt, we have the equipment that can tackle this job.  With the use of a boom arm mower and rubber treads, we can often access the property or land you need cleared or mowed with little to no damage to the property or ground. 

Difficult to Access or Reach Land

Do you have wet or marshy areas you need cleared or mowed?  How about very steep or inaccessible land that seems impossible to have cleared or mowed?  We are equipped to tackle your job - with the use of our boom arm excavator mower, we have the capability to mow and remove brush from any type of land, steep inclines, wet marshy areas, blind spots, ditches, lake, pond, creek or river banks and edges.

No job is too large for Kingsmen - whether it is a large municipal mowing contract, hard to reach area, or you need to become compliant with local ordinances for mowing and property upkeep, give Kingsmen Services a call today at 636-600-9000! 


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